Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program

A. Pre-Qualification


In light of the on going COVID-19 Pandemic, the City is implementing a 'fast-track' option effective April 1, 2020, allowing residents to continue through the Basement Flooding Program until inspections can commence again. The Fast-Track option still requires an application to be submitted prior to beginning the work, however, the applicant will not have to wait for the Courtesy Inspection to be performed before having a plumbing contractor perform the work. Prior to obtaining a permit, the plumbing contractor is required to provide the following:

  1. Pre-construction photos of the area of work
  2. Completed Pre-condition Assessment Form
  3. Completed Declaration Form
***Due to the fact that a final determination of eligibility of the work performed does not occur until after the City of Windsor Building Inspector has performed the final inspection on the Building/Plumbing Permit, there is some risk to the property owner that they may not be entitled to receive a subsidy payment.***

B. Proposed Eligible Works:

Maximum Eligible Subsidy Limit is $2,800 Per Home/Unit

If known, please indicate what work you are applying for under the program.

100% of cost, ($1,000 maximum)
100% of cost, ($1,750 maximum)
100% of cost, ($300 maximum)
100% of cost, ($2,800 maximum)
100% of cost, ($400 maximum)